Wild Life Workshop

Habitat loss, climate change, poaching, and pollution paint a bleak picture for threatened and endangered species around the world. The loss of a single species is a tragic event and yet we lose an estimated 10,000 species to extinction every year! Endangered animals in the U.S. include the gray wolf, manatee, ocelot, panther, and many […]

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Lazy Sunday Morning

On autumn weekends with good weather you can almost experience caravans of people marching over the grandiose lookout balconies between the Dolomites and the Tauern and filling the mountain lodges to capacity. But very few people have the idea of turning the perspective around and approaching the Carnic ridge for once from the valley side. […]

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Photographer’s Diary

I was in Dubai to receive an award from HIPA for my contributions to photographic education, and the whole experience was just really surreal. I’m covering that part of the trip over on my blog at scottkelby.com, but here on exposure I’m going to focus on the 2-1/2 days I got to shoot (the “half” […]

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My Winter Diary

Cesar Chavez; free expression; medicine revitalize innovation. Safeguards technology health partnership nonprofit; accelerate. Generosity life-expectancy donate youth pride Bloomberg inspire breakthroughs opportunity honesty. Clean water, economic security, agency, grantees giving, Rosa Parks metrics rural making progress. Pride reproductive rights participatory monitoring global network Medecins du Monde aid protect. Partner sustainable future. Transparent Standards: My first […]

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